Revolutionize Your Data Insights Discovery with Liminal Omni-1™

Introducing Liminal Omni-1, the first industry-agnostic, AI-powered software platform to simplify the complex data science at the heart of impact insights discovery. This technological leap and 'just right' approach create all new efficiencies by dramatically reducing the time, effort, and budget typically required to find, see, and use data insights. With Liminal Omni-1, users can get to actionable insights in hours instead of days.  Expensive consulting time is reduced or completely eliminated, and manual, error-prone spreadsheets become a thing of the past. We’re excited to raise the bar in the data insights discovery space. Book a demo today to see what’s possible with Liminal Omni-1.

Effortlessly Integrate and Collect Data

Seamlessly connect Omni-1 to your existing databases, third-party tools, or upload spreadsheets to centralize your impact data. Harness Omni-1’s robust data integration capabilities to consolidate data from various sources and systems, even so-called ‘messy data’ of varied types and forms, enabling comprehensive analysis and reporting.

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Expand your data collection across your entire value chain with
Omni-1’s reporter module. Easily gather data from vendors, portfolio companies, and other third parties, and unlock the power of aggregated data to reveal a holistic view of your impact findings and insights.  

Unlock Actionable Insights with Customized Metrics

Liminal Omni-1 handles the complex data science inherent to insights discovery; cleaning and transforming your data while empowering you to customize metrics that matter to your business. Examples include carbon emissions (Scope 1, 2, 3), risk assessment, governance and more. Tailor data models, metrics, and reporting templates to align with your organization’s frameworks and scale your impact analysis seamlessly as your data grows.

Leverage Our Expertise to Maximize Your Impact Data

Not sure where to start? Tap into our team’s deep expertise in data science and impact measurement to unlock the full potential of your impact insights. Our knowledgeable support staff is ready to guide you through the platform, provide best practices, and ensure you’re able to leverage the absolute max number of impact opportunities revealed through your discovery process.

Create Compelling, Interactive Dashboards

Use your new-found impact insights to support ongoing requests, validate options, fuel marketing campaigns, and respond to ad hoc queries. Omni-1’s comprehensive reporting feature makes it easy to seamlessly share impact data and insights within your organization or create reports to send out, fostering collaboration, transparency, and trust.

Bring Your Impact Story to Life

Drag-and-drop functionality makes it quick and easy to create customized dashboards. Select from a wide-range of chart types and visualizations to highlight the metrics that will resonate the most with key stakeholders.

"Liminal is helping us innovate ways in which we leverage data to make informed decisions. The Omni-1 platform is flexible and allows us to view data and build meaningful metrics that help us understand our portfolio in ways that were not possible before"

Kairee Tann
SVP, Director of Innovation & Community Impact
The Swig Company
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