Find It

Streamline non-financial data management by centralizing data collection, including from third parties. Automated data gathering and analysis will improve stakeholder transparency and trust.

See It

Quickly uncover meaningful insights with easy-to-use metric and visualization libraries to build powerful dashboards; reducing dependence on cumbersome spreadsheets and costly consultants

Use It

Intuitively align impact data to business objectives. Export data or visualizations to drop into executive materials, share reports automatically to stakeholders or centralize findings company-wide.

Liminal in Action

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Nonprofits with advanced digital capabilities are 1.9x more effective in fundraising

Boost Fundraising

Quickly and easily find, track, and report impact data from dozens of dispersed sources. Push and pull to and from vendors — no messy spreadsheets or expensive consultants required. 

Streamline Operations

Automate data collection for faster and more accurate disclosure. Nonprofits with advanced digital capabilities, like Liminal customers, are 1.9 times more effective in fundraising due to their enhanced communication of impact data.

Amplify Impact

Safeguard and amplify impact through compelling data-driven narratives and evidence. By showcasing achievements with trusted data, reputation is enhanced and stronger engagements are fostered with both internal stakeholders, such as staff, and external supporters, such as donors and corporate sponsors.

Liminal Screen
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Private Market Investors can now
minimize risks and enhance confidence

Simplified Processes

AI minimizes the effort required to obtain a clear, comprehensive, and trusted view of a business’s financial health and sustainability efforts. Forecast with confidence, mitigate risks, identify new opportunities, and efficiently report across portfolios.

Global Portfolio View

Assess and compare the performance and material risks of funds and portfolios. Standardize the collection and quantification of ESG and sustainability data, including climate risk, to facilitate equitable comparisons and identify potential issues.

Built-In Transparency

Liminal’s innovative AI platform ensures investors follow well-defined, transparent data practices for ongoing monitoring and during due diligence activities. This helps mitigate regulatory risks and maintains data provenance while boosting stakeholder confidence.